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I have a Panasonic PT-60LC14 TV.  I just replaced the projection bulb after ten years, that was very easy once I found out the bulb was located in the front not the back.

This TV has been great!  
The new issue is this, when I first turn on the TV it works just as it should.  After an hour or so the volume starts going in and out.  I mean it starts getting very hard to hear then a little louder. I can still see the volume go up and down with the remote.  It gets louder and still fades in and out no matter how high the volume is set to. I have not changed the volume settings in menu settings.
Thank you for any help you can give me!

It seems the audio processor is out of whack.  Maybe there is a chip that needs replaced.  Maybe it it a heat/temperature related problem.  Maybe it is an intermittent connection or cold solder joint around the audio circuit board area.  It really needs to be tested and analyzed by a competent technician.

This is an old set and quite frankly it may be the repairs and the high likelihood of more failures to come that bang for the buck you might be better off buying a new set.  

A ten year old set, from any manufacturer, is not a good probability of lasting much longer; in other words, you can expect this would not be the last repair.

If there are headphone output jacks or external amplifier outputs on the set and those outlets to not fluctuate then you could add an external amp/speaker to solve the problem.

Let me know if you have further questions.  

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