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TV problem
TV problem  
Hi cleggsan,

I've been experiencing this problem with my Samsung TV since a year. You can find a joined picture of the problem with all necessary information attached to this message.

The problem consists of three lines running from right to left. The right half of the screen also has double image. The TV works fine otherwise.

It solved itself after a certain amount of "tv on" time, but after a while this disappeared. The image stayed the same, no matter how long the tv was playing. Recently it started doing it again and the picture went perfect after +-30 min. About a week ago this "solution" disappeared again.

I was wondering what the problem is and how much the repair and the replacement part would cost? I can't solder or use a meter, but if the problem is something minor, I might try to solve it myself.

Thank you.


Lorenzo G.


The above youtube tutorial may be of help to you.

You can find more details about your model with some google searching.

The problems associated with the horizontal lines and picture doubling may be due to intermittent connections inside the tv.  Try banging around the chassis with your hands or fist to see if that will effect the lines and picture distortions.  Smack it along the top, sides and back.

If the above suggestions don't help you may need to have it serviced by someone with the technical skills and instrumentation to determine the cause.  It can also be that one of the boards inside the set needs to be replaced.  It's a 40 inch set and the economics of repairing may outweigh getting it serviced and just replace the set.  This class of tv is getting lower in cost by the day.

Hope this will help you get started with the appropriate solution.


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