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I'm trying to find a 2.5 mm male to female cable that I will split in half. Then, I will solder each end to a different cable. I need to find a cable that can be easily separated and soldered once cut. Do you know of any reputable brands / products, or is the only way to answer this to actually buy the cable and cut it? Thanks.

This is an example of the cable that I found on amazon:

ANSWER: I would not recommend you do that.  The internal wires are usually wrapped around a tracer and are very difficult to break out and connect to another wire.  They are very hard to work with - even for expert electronic techs.

Rather, you should find a connector with a splitter built in so that you can merely plug in the extending two cables.

The link below shows a few configurations that might do your job:

All the best.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, thank you for the quick reply. The problem is, we have to solder two sets of bare wires from another device (magnet detectors) to the wires connecting to the male end. I don't think a splitter will solve that problem.


Then why don't you use the splitter to connect with speaker wire cable,  Speaker wires can easily be soldered.

But, I strongly advise you against cutting the headphone cables and soldering into them.

If the wires don't need to be shielded and the current draw is low, then my recommendation remains the same.

Carry ON.  

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