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I could really use your input and advice and would be so grateful. I am setting up [attempting to] set up , a DVR/DVD recorder for my mother on her tv. It is a Magnavox MDR867H/F7
I have never set one like this up. Only the older style VCR/DVR recorders.
She has stage 4 systolic heart failure and has undergone surgery that was not successful. She is also disabled with severe osteoarthritis. So her tv and classic movies is needless to say, extremely important for her in her life.
I tried already one attempt to set up using guide that came with the device. All I could get on channel scanning was about 6 channels all local.
I have the cable going to the wall connection to receive the DISH network signal but I am only getting local , no satellite.
I used the coaxial cable to the wall feed, going to the back of the DVR/DVD recorder [IN] and the [OUT] going to the ant IN on the back of her tv.
That's what diagram is showing but I am still not able to pick up the DISH feed. Can you please help with what I am doing wrong?
Also is there a certain channel I should have the tv and or DVD set to?

thank you SO much


ANSWER: Hi Michelle thanks for choosing allexperts. I will be more than happy to assist you. First of all what model tv does she have this will determine the how we will go about hooking it up. Get me the model number and I will assist you further so you can get your mom tv up and going.


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QUESTION: Thank you so much. It is a flat-screen Samsung Model UN40EH600

Hi Michelle so let me get this correct. you have two devices that you are trying to hook up to your tv one is the dish network and the other is the dvr/dvd recorder correct? Ok you have the coaxial from the dish going to the dvr in and a coaxial coming from the out on the dvr going to the tv which is correct. With dish the tv has to be on a certain channel depending on which dish box you are receiving your signal from. When you are playing through the dvr use the channel +/-  to locate the desired channel. Try this and let me know what you get. Thanks

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