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We have tried a few VHS tapes and they won't load. Looks like the tape deck won't drop but part of the way down and then it ejects the tape. Please help.

The transport mechanisms on these machines are very tricky and difficult to troubleshoot.  Someone who has hands-on experience can sometimes find the defective or bent part and get them working again. Often times its dirt or tape grime that gets in one of the moving bearing points.  But to fix it you'd have to remove the covers and get inside.

Listen, these machines are very hard to find new but most thrift stores still have good used ones for $5 to $10 .  You might just replace the one you have.  That's what I'd do.  Even if you have to buy a vhs machine and a dvd player separate your investment will be less that a repair bill.

Good Luck.  

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