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I am going to buy a 4K TV for my bedroom. The current HD TV I have was getting a fuzzy/grainy picture and I have narrowed it down to HDMI cable is better than coax cable which I am currently using.

The problem is if I pull the cable from my living room to my bedroom, it has to have removable ends.

My question, therefore, is can you offer any information/advice on the cable I should purchase and can an amateur put the ends back on?

Thank you for you time. I appreciate any help you might offer.


Make certain you have 4k program in your location.  Stations don't broadcast much 4k programming and some cable companies strip the 4k signal and only send regular HD level program (or less).

In fact, if you are currently getting fuzzy and grainy picture quality it may be the cable company sending poor signal.

I don't understand what you mean about removable ends.  Are you talking about the connectors?  In any even, you should use cables that are compatible with your system.  HDMI cables are standard and you should never try to alter the connectors at the end of the cables.  Coax is okey and easier to use in feeding the tv and while picture quality may be slightly less than HDMI, it is only small amount.  A good coax cable will not cause degradation of signal purity or produce fuzzy picture.  There must be another answer.

Are you using off-air signal or cable?  And who is your cable provider?  Let me know so I can give you some more clear information.


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