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I decided to stay only with my base landline phone. This is Uniden CXAI5198.    It originally had a portable wirelesses unit which I don't use anymore. We only use in the other location a landline phone.

My question is if my base landline phone which has an antenna built in, is searching for wireless unit which is not being used?

Thanks,   Gabe

ANSWER: The base machine is working all the time as long as it is powered normally.  It makes no difference if the wireless handheld is working or not.

I don't think it is searching in the technical sense; but it is working and will recognize the wireless unit as long as it is in range.

Why do you ask?  The phone works at 5.8 GHz and should not cause any interference with other home appliances and electronic products.

If you have a concern about the antenna radiation from the base unit antenna, please explain your concern to me.

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Thanks for the quick answer.  I just read an interesting article in the Bottom Line magazine.  This is a small reliable magazine that has different articles.  They advised to unplug pc routers when not in use as well as to try and elimintae use of cordless phones.  My question is whether the base will keep searching/radiating  for the remote unit even if the unit is not in use at all?  Meaning stored n the garage.  If yes, I'd rather buy another standard unit with no wireless options.
Uniden is VERY hard to reach.     
Thank you very much,   Gabe T.

I still don't understand why you are concerned about the base unit remaining ON.  It does not search; it merely has the weak signal in radiation mode and when the cordless phone is on and in range it will automatically connect.

If you are concerned about some health effects from the radiation then you should not worry about that as there are no ill effects known from the millions of cordless phones that are in use through out the world.

If you have interference going on with your television or audio systems because of it then you should purchase a non-wireless featured phone, for sure.

Any other questions let me know and I'll try to answer.  

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