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I have a Ram truck with no CD player and would like to buy a small CD player and a 200 watt power inverter to keep from using batteries, my question is how do I know that I would be pulling 1 amp through the inverter or more. The CD player uses an AC power cord or 6 batteries.

Well, 200w of power is more than enough to power a portable cd player - at least those that are just simple handheld players or small boombox type with built in speakers.

No worry, the power inverter will supply only the current which the cd player draws. If you feel you need to know the power draw you could always attach an ammeter between the inverter and the cd player.

Let me make a suggestion: If your vehicle has a radio in it you could sign up for XM radio which has many channels of music available.  If you have a pandora account you could hook up your smartphone to the in-car radio or some such thing.

All I'm saying is there are many ways to get music into the vehicle.  

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