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Hey Abe, I just recently got my opportunity to start up my own ping pong business in the perfect location. A soccer field, the clients are readily available as the field remains busy. My question is how do I go about setting this dream up? Hours will be from 4pm-11pm. How do I charge e.t.c. pls help

Hello Ade,

Are you talking about a permanent facility *only* for table tennis?
Like a pool hall, but for table tennis?  Is table tennis very popular
in this area?  If not, I do not see how you'd be able to cover your
expenses, let alone make a profit.  Here in NY, there are many who play
table tennis (seriously and "just for fun") and yet I know of very few
"Table Tennis Halls."  The clubs that used to attend were either university
affiliated or used a secondary school gym once or twice a week.  Or, places
to go and play would be recreation facilities that happen to have 1 or 2 table
tennis tables among other activities (pool, bowling, etc.).  Of course, the rent
in the NYC area is exorbitant! I gather rental space in Georgia is more reasonable.

Anyhow, I can give you my opinion regarding charging ppl to play.
You can charge per hour, like pool halls charge for pool.  Since table tennis tables
occupy more space than a pool table (you need to have sufficient space around each
table for the very serious players!), you would have to charge more per hour than
if you were running a pool hall.  You can also have memberships...the serious players,
who intend to play often and on a regular basis should want that option.  The membership
can give reduced rates per hour and maybe free play during off-peak hours or days.
Maybe offer different membership options (regular, silver, gold, etc.).  You can have
any local pros give lessons or exhibitions to attract more ppl.

I hope this helps.  Too bad your place will be out of my local area, I'd love to see
your place once you have it established!

Good luck & don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of nay further assistance.


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