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I am presently using a laptop with Windows Home Premium 32 bit mostly for searching the web. I connect to the Internet with a Verizon Jetpack device which allows you to connect to the Internet almost anywhere and I use their prepay plan which gets expensive. Verizon also offer a prepay plan for tablets and for some reason you get a lot more data usage with the tablet plan for less money, so I'm thinking to switching to a tablet to save money.   

I guess what I'm asking is: What is a tablet and how is it different from a laptop?

   Thanks, Jim

ANSWER: Dear Jim,

Tablet is a slim form of laptop. Due to its compact light weight form its convenient for maneuverability but offer less features than laptop.

Kindly tell me in detail of your laptop usage . I mean what software or application you use on laptop or want to use same on tablet so I can recommend you appropriate tablet according to your needs.

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QUESTION: hello,

I use my laptop To get information on various websites, To make purchases on various sites, To buy on EBAY, To pay bills, that is important, To check my bank acct. and to do e-mail. I'm considering switching to a tablet to save money because the Verizon Prepay Plan for tablets appears to be much less expensive than the laptop plan. I'm not interested in tweeting or any of the social websites. I would like a screen of at least seven inches.  

Dear Jim,

These are the short listed tablets,

1- ASUS Transformer Pad TF300TL (10.1 inch)
(key features) Adobe flash player support so you can browse to all web sites plus best connectivity features i.e. USB port offered with (mobile dock)=keyboard+ built-in battery+usb ports)

2- iPad with Retina display (new iPad) (9.5 inch)
No flash player support or usb ports but screen resolution is great.

3- Nexus 7 (7 inch)
It has flash support and one micro usb port.

I think the tablet suits your needs is ASUS Transformer Pad TF300TL (10.1 inch).

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