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I am considering buying a tablet to use while on trips to look up hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc.  The T-Mobile G-Slate 4G Android Tablet looks good, but in order to access the internet, do I have to subscribe to a T-moble data plan?  Or can I just tap into the internet at restaurants, hotels, etc using their wifi?  Or can I get a Verizon mifi hotspot device and use it to connect the tablet to the internet?  

If I order the tablet from Amazon, will the price depend on whether or not I buy a T-Molbe Plan (i.e. much more expensive without a plan)?

Dear Paul,

Yes you can use free internet via WiFi in hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc.where free WiFi access is available for all other areas you need paid connection and for that ask T-mobile sales staff for data plan rates etc. You can also get a Verizon WiFi hotspot if you think it will suit your needs .

I cant tell you about T-mobile or Verizon etc. service offers because I am not a sales representative.  

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