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QUESTION: Hi Salman, can you tell me the difference between say the Blackberry Playbook
and the Kindle Fire HD?  Do they both do the same things? They both seem to
play movies, use wi-fi, and do the same things, but I'm not sure. Is the
Kindle Fire HD just for people who read books?  Can't you download books
with other tablets as well?  Thank you for your help.

ANSWER: Dear Andee,
Yes both Kindly fire & Blackberry are same features wise . They both are for those people who  want convenience I mean if you just want to read ebooks and do internet browsing or play music or videos at instant without customizing or installing software then these both tablets do the task quickly.
All other tablets do these tasks but user has to download & install required software as an example if you buy Apple iPad then you have to download software from apple store same applies for Android Operating system based tablets on those user has to download software from Google play store ( Android Store).
After installing software for reading ebooks etc user can download  ebooks etc.

So all other Tablets provide vast verity of software or features for all type of user (power user  to novice)etc

If you need any help for tablet buying then do tell me your budget and usage requirements etc.

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QUESTION: Thank you for the information, Salman.  I don't play movies or listen to music so those features I would use very little.  I basically use email, surf the web, play games on
Pogo, and probably would buy and read books from Amazon, so I'm thinking the
Kindle Fire HD might be what I need.  I don't want to spend over $300.
I already have a laptop and netbook, I'm thinking the Kindle Fire HD
would be more convenient for travel.  For what I want to use a tablet for,
do you think my best bet would be the Kindle Fire HD, or should I be looking
at ipads or something else?  Thank you again.

ANSWER: Kindly Fire HD is a good choice ,do remember that limited software is offered by amazon and you won't find software application as offered in other regular tablets.

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QUESTION: What do you mean by limited software?  What type of things won't I be able to use?
Can I still use Hotmail with the Kindle Fire HD?   Thanks again.

Hope you know that these two tablets manufacturers  Amazon( Kindle) & BlackBerry (Playbook) offer limited software at their online application/software store ; as an example Amazon application store offers applications in 3 categories with approximately 30 or less applications in each category. (link pasted as reference)

Same is the case for BlackBerry but far better then Amazon,

So Apple (i Pad) & Android operating system based tablets i.e(Asus,HTC,Samsung,Google,Acer,Toshiba etc..) application store offer millions of applications in 20+ categories.

As a comparison between these two tablets ; software application vise BlackBerry (Playbook) offer more software applications the Amazon (Kindly Fire HD)

kindly visit the links and check yourself.  

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