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Hello Salman

I am looking to buy a tablet so I can use it basically for two main reasons:

First, I have a lot of pdf and MS Word files on a usb flash drive and I want to be able to simply plug it into the usb socket of a tablet and read them anywhere in or out of the house. I understand that tablets have a MINI usb socket but my flash drive is normal size (it is actually a KINGSTON 256Gb flash drive).  So if I have to will I be able to buy an adaptor which I can plug into the usb socket of the tablet and then I can plug my usb stick in that?  Please note that my KINGSTON is usb 3.0 not 2.0 although I can always transfer from my KINGSTON to a usb2.0 stick first if necessary.  

The second main reason is so that I can watch youtube videos on my tv by plugging my tablet into my tv (I think I need to buy a HDMI lead to do this??).

I would like the screen resolution to be good so that reading all those files won't strain my eyes!!

Can you make any recommendations and please tell me the name or number of the HDMI lead I will need for it!

I can spend up to 2 or 3 hundred pounds (I'm from UK) if I have to - maybe more.

I have seen the Neocore N10 10.1 inch tablet costing about £90 - this looks fine except that the screen resolution could probably be better. There is also samsung galaxy ? or Asus? Anyway please suggest!


Dear John,
I am happy to know that there is no budget constrain. For your requirements I would strongly suggest you to get Asus TF701T.
I have using this tablet since January and I got it from UK £420 it has all the bells and whistles you need I.e. USB 3 port, micro HDMI port,battery time +15 hours and stunning resolution better than ipad air.
I am using this tablet to reply you.

For HDMI to micro HDMI lead visit link

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