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Hi Hani,

I've seen your answers regarding leg stretching. But I'm a newly joined in martial arts field. My age is now 27 yrs with nill flexibility. But I do want to try Tae Kwan Do and want to stretch my legs for good kicking. Since I just started I'm not able to kick smoothly... Please suggest me how to do it. I want to go for nice kicking and flexible legs...  Or am I eligible to do this at this age with nill flexibility?

Please advice.


Hi Sulabh,

At this age, you can be flexible and have smooth movement in at most a year.

You just need to take it slowly. Don't rush things and don't be upset if you can't kick properly in a week or two. Most important is to understand the kicking techniques that your master teaches you and try to imagine how you should do them. Practice a lot more at home on the techniques (only techniques not power and speed). Then when you go to the dojang you can apply your techniques with power and speed.

Concentrate more on stretching practices at the beginning of the sessions. You need flexible muscles to kick high and at any angle. Moreover, if you want to do weight lifting to strengthen your leg muscles, you can do so but don't lift heavy weights. Go for less weight with high repeats and more sets to burn.

Eat and drink healthy food. Stop all junk food and pepsi/cola stuff. This all reflects on your body sooner or later.

Good luck.

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