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taekwondo wrote at 2008-04-30 05:11:07
I personally have been to law school with James A Wilson

and I an assure you that he has all the credentials ...oh by the way its not a colonel it a general..yes I checked that too..

and before you start raging on him did you ever think what

he was yelling for?

maybe he wwas a little stresed

also in my personal belief he is the bestt teacher there is.

Nicole wrote at 2008-05-15 03:35:21
Lady, you seriously did not understand Grandmaster Wilson's teaching. He has totally changed my family. We would be soo much worse off without his guidance. He is tough on us because he is preparing us in the event that ill may come upon us. I am disappointed that you did not see that in his teaching style. He did not even make me pay for classes nor any of my family. I have been taking his classes for 3 1/2 years. However, good luck in finding a teacher of his caliber. =Nicole=

A Jackson wrote at 2008-06-27 18:31:47
Madam you obviously do not know what a martial art is or what it is for, nor what dangers our children and us face each day. Grandmaster Wilson is a diamond among coal rocks; apparently you did not see his office nor for that fact asked to see his credentials because if you would have you would have seen his Kukkiwon certificate, his Hapkido certificate, the US Flag given to him by the US Marines while they were in combat in Iraq, etc.,etc.

I have personally known Grandmaster Wilson for several years and I do not say this lightly but he is the most caring, supportive, tough, energetic, disciplined and outstanding martial arts Grandmaster you could ever imagine and I would still be short in describing him.

So please don't embarrass yourself in the future and do your homework.

And by the way he does hold a Medical degree as well as a Law degree and is currently a 2 Star General in the US Army.

karatekid19 wrote at 2008-11-04 23:26:46
church's martial arts.

2 locations

one in encinitas and the other in carmel valley.

owners are Master and Mrs. Ken Church. awesome instructors and people.

a member of one of the largest martial arts organization in the world (american Taekwondo association) having over 1200 schools world wide

Hector navarrete wrote at 2010-05-24 09:30:11
You guy's both have no idea what you're talking about. Master James Wilson was my instructor many years ago. He was really dedicated to helping his students. When I got out of line with my mother, she would tell him and he would keep my after class hours and insist I practice more. He was physical with me as well, so what...  what good is taking a class if your not going to experience what your defending yourself against..  He is an excellent man, devoted Husband and definitly some one you want to have on your side...  He doesnt need certificates up...  look him up in the TKD scene.. he's well known for what he's done, does and did..

Hector Navarrete.

Spring valley,ca.

master three feet wrote at 2010-11-17 01:10:19
this is a loyal student and a close friend to grandmaster wilson i have known him and loved and respected him all of my 45 yrs it is because of him that i hold 3 titles to this day im currently teaching a private group in a very dangerous place master wilson i was one of your first students and a true champion till this day i have never chosen another instructor and i never will a friend michael three feet burns

Anthony Williams wrote at 2011-01-25 16:32:17
I am a former student of James Wilson, I studied with him for six years from the age of 11 through 17. I was in the 7th grade when I started with his original class when we would in Balboa park. At that time in 1972 he was already a 3rd degree black. The way he originally taught us was for the street not trophies, you got three seconds to finish the fight because you are fighting multiple opponents. On the endurance side he shows no mercy, 1 hour of exercise, followed by 1 hour of forms and a hour of kumite. We meditated before and after class, which was needed to be able to survive his workouts, 2nd wind mind over body realizations become normal. If we showed a lack of discipline or attention 50 pushups was standard punishment (we always did at least 100 pushups each class anyway). Even though his speciality was training special forces and FBI agents he had us enter competitions (tournaments) in San Diego, Long Beach, and in Mexico (Ensenada and T.J.). My brother got his Black from James Wilson, I made brown/red belt but I would fight as a black belt in tournaments. What I learned was life lessons of endurance/stamina focus and determination and humility. What I learned from him saved my life and taught how to be a peaceful warrior, and how to get up even when your knocked down. I have yet to have seen a class train as hard as he had us doing. The harder he works you the stronger you will be in your future. I also remember he was promoting TKD in the Olympics (1980's)long before it had became a reality or even popular. Master James Wilson is a great man and teacher but he is human and has contradictions like us all. I used to catch the bus as a kid to train personally with him at his home when I was 14. He has been like a second father to me. Sometimes I find I have an ability to keep going when others fall off or quit, I still remember what I learned some are not ready for his type of training perhaps they need someone who speak nicely and stroke their egos. He is not capable of that winey crap, sorry maybe you should be doing some chi kung or reiki.

Anna Rollins Stanger wrote at 2011-08-12 01:48:25
I am so completely shocked by this information on Dr grand master james wilson. I am a student and a personal friend. I have trained with him for 10+ years. He is very tough. I started training after a serious accident. I had many injuries, including a broken back. This man has completely healed me through nutrition, attitude, and training. I have seen him train children, again very tough. I have also observed through out the years his passion for helping children. He often donates his time to children of abusive families, drug addicted kids, and kids in gangs. The success he has turning kids around is nothing but miraculous. He is the kind of man that goes home hours after his classes are over because students often want to confide in him their problems, he is a great man,pastor,doctor etc. I will always stand by this man!  

blondei1090 wrote at 2011-11-15 01:54:54

Get over it. This man is my instructor and I would have nobody different. If you cant handle watching your child be molded into a marshal artist then leave the studio. His way of teaching is not to be playful or fun. He is someone who will actually teach you how to defend yourself. The studio is Spring City sees more marines, navy officers, and military officials come through it than any program in San Diego.

Personally, he has taught me how to hurt people... and at first I was a bit apprehensive too. But, after I was attacked last year and survived I could never be more grateful. If you are looking for a hottie tottie studio where certifications and medals are more important, then go there... this is not the place. This is where you learn to survive...

KnowItALL wrote at 2015-05-22 19:50:11
FYI Master James Arthur Wilson was DISBARRED from the CA Bar Association!!!


It's a detail nobody wants to talk about.

I am sure that there are other ways to find out if he indeed was a doctor or an Army General.

And to become an ordained minister, you only have to fill out a form online and pay a fee. Anyone can do it!

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