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Magda-feeling foolish I must made an error and overstayed my 90 days in Taiwan. I should have left on 28 February. I arrived in Taipei after leaving China on 28 November. I'm orig from USA.  I recently booked a flight to Philippines. (20th march) for 6 days.  
Should I immediately notify an official that im beyond my 90 days or just wait till i arrive at the airport?  My original plan was, after Philippines, to return to Taiwan to travel more. Do you think I will be allowed back in or banned for one year from Taiwan? I don't want to be 'stranded' in manila. Thank you Magda for your advice!

If you just go to the airport there is a chance you might be arrested and detained (unlikely but possible).  If you have overstayed for less then a month and you can explain why you are here (like you are looking for a job and haven't started but you have got one, and are in the middle of applying for the work permits, or you have been traveling all over Taiwan etc), then usually you just pay a fine.   They might bar you re-entry, but if you go to immigration before leaving they will tell you if you can come back or not and when. At the airport it's kinda Russian roulette, they might let you go and come back... might not.

I suggest (from what I have seen friends and acquaintances do) that you go to immigration asap with your ticket and explain what happened (unless you've been working illegally, them make stuff up of course).  Also call the foreigner hot line first to confirm information, 0800-024-111.

I do recommend you gush about how much you love Taiwan and how nice Taiwanese people are.  And that you didn't mean to overstay you were just enjoying your time here so much that you lost track of time.  And how much you want to come back to explore the culture and country and maybe study Chinese (if you speak some Chinese bust that out too).  I can't be certain it will work, but it can't hurt.  Besides they have a lot of national pride here and one friend of mine overstayed, like years and some how talked his way out of jail time (this was 6-7 years ago but still, like I said it can't hurt as long as you sound sincere).

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