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Taiwan/East Coast self-drive itinerary


Would appreciate advice on 5D East Coast self-drive itinerary (have already been to Taroko & will not go all the way down to Taitung). To explore Highway 9 & 11, is it necessary to base couple of nights each on each highway? Where would be good base(s) please? Any specific recommendations or travel advice? How long (hrs) is the drive from Tauyuan airport to Hualien city? Thks.

I'm not sure how long the drive is (I don't have a car) but it's a lot shorter than it used to be because they built a highway/tunnel through the mountain from Taipei to Ilan (about and hour).  Unfortunately I don't really know much about driving, because I don't have a car but on the north/west coast I do know that JiaoXi quite nice (hot springs town) and a little further south there are the cold springs, you should check that out as it's pretty special I only know of three locations in the world, the one in Taiwan, one in Greece and one in the Philippines.

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I can answer questions about general living, working, visiting, and traveling in Taiwan. Especially Taipei city, I have lived and worked in Taiwan for the past several years. I can't read much Chinese, but I speak well enough to get by. I'm not an expert on postal codes and services, please check this site or contact the Taiwanese postal service via this site to find the postal codes you might be seeking.


I speak enough Chinese to get by, but by no means am I fluent, so I am aware of both sides of the language coin. I live and work in Taipei city, and have travelled around in the past to places like Hualien, Toroko, Tai Dong, Green Island, Ken ting, Kao Shiung, Tai Nan, Sun Moon lake and Tai Jung. Plus locations all over the northern tip of the island. At one point or another I have been into the clubbing, beaching and outdoor scenes alternately over the past few years, so I have a fairly eclectic knowledge base. Ask away, I can't guarantee I'll know the answer but I'll do my best to help you out :D. Magda

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