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Good morning!

I am trying to send something to Taiwan and am having a hard time finding the 5-digit zip code I need.  The address I was given is:

7F., No. 39, Lane 77 Sec. 4, Sinhai Rd.
Wenshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Any help you could provide in finding the 5-digit zip code for this address would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


The problem you are likely having is that the normal romanization for this street is different than the name than you were given. It's usually written "Xinhai" instead.

Go to

Fill out "Taipei City" "Wenshan Dist." and "Section 4" - leaving the street name blank. [This is doable because there aren't that many streets in Taipei that have a Section 4.]

The results will show you several entries for a "Xinhai Road"

11693   Wenshan Dist., Taipei City,   Sec. 4, Xinhai Rd.,   Odd No. 1 to 189
11694   Wenshan Dist., Taipei City,   Sec. 4, Xinhai Rd.,   Odd No. 191 and Over
11693   Wenshan Dist., Taipei City,   Sec. 4, Xinhai Rd.,   Even No. 2 to 104
11694   Wenshan Dist., Taipei City,   Sec. 4, Xinhai Rd.,   Even No. 106 to 200
11692   Wenshan Dist., Taipei City,   Sec. 4, Xinhai Rd.,   Even No. 202 and Over

So the 5-digit zip you need is "11693" - for odd numbers between 1 and 189.

You may want to make the "Xinhai" change in the address when you mail it, even though it should get there as written.

Best of luck.



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