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Hi   my 15 yr old sister was  offered to host her own talk show in our  ethnic community but we want to let it branch out main stream
our idea is she is like a young  Ellen Degenres  so how do i amke a good script that will capture the audience  especially in the main stream.

Hi Deanne

Thanks for contacting Media Man International.

From what you are advising, I think you need a solid show format and business model.

It is a very good thing for a young person to be offered their own talk show, and ethic community / ethic programing can be very popular and there is a market for that genre.

There's a few possibilities that I see...

a. Take the ethic community opportunity and grow it

b. Fine tune the concept / business model, and aim to get a bigger audience elsewhere

c. Focus on the business model and show format, and then pitch it around, to either existing contacts or new ones.

Wishing you and your sister the best with everything.

Greg Tingle
Media Man Int

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