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Hello , i am from Kenya and would like to start a talk show here in Kenya to address a problem which i believe has become a thorn in the flesh all over the world.
The challenge is i don't know where to source funding for the same and also i would like to get some general information on how to have a successful talk show .
Thanks in advance.


Hi Franklin

Thanks for contacting us here at Media Man.

Funding can be sourced via a number of places... private, government, arts grants, business angels etc.  KickStarter (as found on the internet) has also proved to be a viable place for many.

A successful talk show comprises on many factors including but not limited to: good programming and content, advertisers and sponsors, fills a need, has a solid business plan, and reaches an audience (that will keep tuning in and supporting it... via ratings and / or buying advertised goods etc).

I hope this information can further assist you on your quest.

Best Regards
Greg Tingle
Media Man

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