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Dear Greg,
I work for a company called Teach Abroad Thailand that is part of the World TEFL Association.
We provide 2 week TEFL courses on Koh Samui, Thailand. We have recently completed a live interview on SABC 3 Expresso Show, a South African breakfast show, where we talked about the benefits of teaching and living abroad. We would like to try get more media coverage of similar nature, and are targeting countries such as Australia, US, Canada, South Africa, and the UK in general. However, we are finding it increasingly difficult to get interviews. Are there any companies or channels you could suggest that could be easier to get on in any of these countries, and what approach would you recommend for me to contact different companies, such as BBC, CNN, and talk shows? Do you have any personal contacts that you could possible give to me that would be interested in such a story? We basically want to talk about how a 2 week course is a small investment with a large return and is a realistic alternative to the global job crisis.

Hi Gabrielle

Thanks for your enquiry.

This is a complex matter and there are many variables.

Some of the things to consider include:

Business model
Marketing and media plan
Sponsorship plan and execution
Return on investment
Government and private support
Media agent and sponsorship manager to contact all suitable parties
Internet strategy - Wikipedia listing, online radio stations interviews, Thailand and education resources etc

I think that the Thai Embassy and Tourism authorities would be suitable contacts.

This would be a significant project for any project management or public relations company such as ours to take on and it sounds like what you are looking to achieve would take up substantial resources.  You would also need to look at aspects such as budget, timeframe and expectations.

Our company could potentially take on such a project, however I considerable budget would be required for us to throw the necessary resources at this to get positive results.

I hope the information I have provided proves usual to you.

Best Regards
Greg Tingle
Media and Communications Director
Media Man Int
Media Man Australia  

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