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missattitude wrote at 2009-07-03 12:56:35
The bad comments are so unfair, Chairity is a great reader and as good as any you pay out $$$'s for.

She gave you a good positive reading, what else could she have done under the circumstances? Cast a few spells so he walks free tomorrow?

Get real and stop being so ungrateful.

Don't let it get you down girl, you rock!!

Chairity wrote at 2009-07-04 21:35:40
MissAttitude I just noticed your comment and wanted to say thank you sooo much .. This really touched me and it made my day...  :)  I really do appreciate your nice comment.  many thank yous

"Being nice gest you everywhere in life."

Hope wrote at 2014-08-18 04:49:29
I also can read the cards, for myself it is hard, I think you did a great Job, and no you should have never got a Bad rating hopefully she will change it.. Pate

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I will help with questions: Please send me your date of birth and name. Plus anyone involved. Keep this free service ;) to one question. There will be no tolerance for meaness or being rude. XXXXXX I am here to guide you; outcomes of directions that you may or have chosen. We are in charge or our own actions and choices.. there is a different outcome of your life every twist and turn you make. If you need Please one question** Please :) I do full readings for $3.00US to $12.00US *Very affordable* Reliable* Fast contact* For immediate help* EMAIL ME Powerful_Readings@hotmail.com http://powerful-readings.webs.com/ **Daily free horoscopes, teachings... Paypal only Accepted


I am a Psychic and Tarot Reader, palm, rune stones, tea leave . My abilities include clairvoyance, and precognition. I am also empathetic and will help the best I can to my ability. I am not here to tell you answers I am here to guide you and outcomes of directions that you may or have chosen... We are in charge or our own actions and choices.. there is a different outcome of your life every twist and turn you make. I have had premonitions since my mother can remember predicting such things as family troubles and woes before happening, moving on to neighbors predicting there twins a month before conceiving. Telling a perfect stranger to get her arm looked after and that I saw her in trouble very soon, finding out there was a blood clot 2 days later in the arm. I see things and I will try to help guide you. We all have roads to travel there is no right and wrong however there is an outcome for each and every decision. I have been giving readings professionally for over 15 years

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