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name Marcy dob November 16 1987. age 24. Other person asking name Memo dob July 7 1988. age 24.

Hi, Vicky. I  have been worrying that this person, who I was friends with for a long time since High School, has not stopped talking to me for know reason. I think Memo does not understand me or that I chose to be a Pagan. I also think someone, or some people who know him, or his friends and ex girlfriend name Monica, are telling him things about me, that are not true, like I'm being a gosspier, and that's why people dont like me. I truly beleive the people, I got along with former classmates, do not like me because of this. Should I stop worrying about what people think of me, or say?

Hello Marcy,
         I don't think you need a deck of cards to answer this.  I would not worry about what people think of you.  And if your friend chooses to believe others over you, then he is not worth your friendship  either.

Best Wishes,


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