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hi Serena, broke few months back because of commitment issues, we are not talking now and I miss him a lot. Are there any chances of him coming back in my life and we getting married? anjani('82) sumit('81)
best wishes... luved the quote: I'm in luv with luv :)

As the ultimate question of will Sumit contact again is an intense process for me with energies of two broken-hearted people, this is not free to answer; as I value myself. I'm sure you can try to understand that :)

Meanwhile - the free brief reading - the ambience energy of the previous relationship feels like there's lots of competitive energy where one/both of you are dating other partners which is the reason why there was no commitment to each other. But what's interesting is that this is because one/both of you are looking to get married. So the energy is quite promising if you can at least look at each other, rather than those other partners.

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