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When will i get a job? Ashley Garner female Tx birthdate 05/23/1991.im  5'1 African American 8 months pregnant.i quit my job about three months ago because of my pregnancy.and was wondering if i would get work after my 6 week maternity healing is up

There are a lot of factors that go into finding a job including what you want and hope to gain. I did a job spread for you outlining the overall situation and what you can hope to gain. To answer your question, the cards say 11-12 weeks after the birth of your child.

The eight of cups represents that you want to make progress and make adjustments as you go. This could mean you want to advance in your job path or shift to a path that holds your interest better.

In asking what will help you attain your goal, your card was The Chariot. Itís important for you to seek power and maturity over your life. You should act to make your goal a reality while keeping your emotions and instincts under control.

The three of swords implies that you are discontent with your current line of work or feel that you want a job that your heart and mind donít agree on. Itís important that you focus on finding work that meets your needs as well as makes you content.

The turning point for you comes from The Sun which is a card that can symbolize the birth of a child or your universe revolving around a certain idea.  Youíll know youíre on the right path when you can promote a product or idea you really believe in.

A possible new direction for employment is to go back to what you were doing in the past. This doesnít apply to the last job you had. It applies to whatever you started off doing that was simple and met your needs.

The six of swords implies that as you embark on your new career journey youíll know you are on the right path when you learn to overcome difficulties, and learn to apply clear communication and commitment.

If you travel this career path, you will gain financial security. Your card was four of pentacles which talks directly about financial balance. You seek the security and stability of your job because you feel like it will protect you. It will make you feel powerful to possess this security and itís important to remember not to take on too many material possessions.

You will likely be presented with a whirlwind opportunity while searching for a job. If you accept it, it will be hectic and have a lot of ups and downs. The future is less certain with this career path and may or may not offer as much stability as going back to your roots.

With the whirlwind job, itís important to let go of faith in someone who betrayed it. As this card is ten of swords and directed to your whirlwind opportunity, it implies some kind of illness or failure. In this situation you would accept the inevitable and deal with whatever outcome happened.

The ultimate achievement with the whirlwind job is that you will have resources if you are careful to moderate it.

The overall sense from this reading is that as you go about your job search, you will likely be offered two different jobs. One of them will feel too good to be true and you will have doubts. If security is important to you, it may be best to choose the job with a more concrete view of what you can expect in the future.

You have a large number of swords in your reading.   Swords represent thinking and the intellect. If you see and understand things, choices can be easily made. Your thinking will help you sort through muddled emotions but itís important not to stress too much. If this situation is a burden for you and is stressing you now or will stress you, remember to take a breath.

Best of luck!  

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