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I have been in a relation for more than 2 years and now have split with my boyfriend.He thinks his elder sister needs to get married first and my parents want me to marry as early as possible.I dont feel this relation would work however I really love him want to know whether he really wants me in his life and will he come back to me?
Myself(Female)- 13 July 1987
Boyfriend(Male)-27 June 1988

Hello Sita

You have so many feelings to sort through here. Any Tarot or psychic reading would have to start with you, and help you choose what to do. I can't tell what your boyfriend wants, how he feels or what he is going to do any more than you can.

A good place to start is to understand your own feelings better. What is most important to you, and what will make you happy later in life: pleasing your parents, being with this man, or finding another, better relationship?

In five years from now, what do you think you will regret the most?

I don't think the tarot cards are the best thing to help your situation. I'd suggest a mediation exercise that some of my other clients have found helpful.

To start, find some time that you can be alone without interruptions. It might be outside in a pretty place like a park, or in any quiet place. At home you can set the mood with incense or candles or soft music if you like. The important thing is to have some time to spend with the visualizations...

Make yourself comfortable...sit in a chair, wear comfortable clothes...just don't get SO comfortable that you fall asleep...do it like any meditation you are comfortable doing.

When you are ready, close your eyes and IMAGINE. Visualize things in as much rich detail as you can...sights, sounds, words feeling...anything that just springs to mind is OK....

Start with any of your options...maybe start with your parents. How do you think things would unfold if you made their desire for you to marry as your priority? Allow things to unfold in your mind's eye naturally, and just follow them to whatever natural end.

Then take a deep breath, open your eyes for a moment, and to the same thing again...but with a different focus, different choices. How do you think things would go if he came back? Follow that to its end. Again a breath and a moment. Then imagine how it would be if you two were done, and you moved on.

When you are done mentally following all the different possible paths, how does your heart lead you? Which path makes you happy? Does any path fill you with dread, or make you recoil? Do you feel like one path is more true than another? Do you feel like any of the different options are "wishful thinking"? Do you feel like any one way is more possible or more plausible than the others?

Things may not turn out the exact way you imagined...the almost never do, really...but the imagined events will let you tap into your FEELINGS and hopes and might give you a clear idea of what you want to choose and do.

This isn't an easy answer....but the answers you find for yourself are the best ones

I wish you much love and happiness in the future

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