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Hi Ellie,

I have been in a relation since more than 2 years.
But decided to move on in life as my parter says that this relation wont work as he has his sister who needs to get married firt nad my parents are keen on getting me married at the earliest.
I have stopped talking to him and have conveyed the reason to him.
he told me that he wont come to me.

However I want this relation to work out.
Please let me know ehether this relation would work out and will he work on getting me back to his life.
Appreciate your response.
Sita-13 July 1987
Caciano-27 June 1988


Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

Well, I had a pop-out card that was Death and tells me right there that you are wasting your time.  The relationship is over.  I don't see him coming back in your life.  

For your attitude I drew the 7 of Cups letting me know that you are dealing with a lot of wishful thinking and hoping that he will come back.  This card stands for having grand illusions about love.  However, these are just wishes and my advice would be to not get carried away with thinking that he will come back because it will just drag you down more and waste your energy.  

For his attitude I drew the Page of Swords and this means that he was completely honest with you and it took a lot of courage on his part to say what he did.  He felt he was straightforward with you and he feels he is doing the right thing. Also I want to note the difference in the suits that symbolize where you two come from.  Yours is a cups card showing that you are operating from your feelings, and he has a swords card meaning he is basing his decision on his mind.  

For the outcome I drew the 7 of Wands.  What it looks to me is that if you try asserting yourself and telling him to come back, he won't.  I am not saying you will do that, but the cards are just letting you know that even if you were to tell him that you want him back, it will no affect because the relationship appears to be dead, hence the Death card.

So it is best to accept that the relationship is over and time for a change (Death), when one door closes, another one opens.  You still have desires and wishful thoughts for him to come back (7 of Cups).  He feels he is making the right choice mentally and was honest with you (Page of Swords) and it seems that no matter what you will try to do to get him to see your way, whether you ignore him or confront him, it will not sway him to come back (7 of Wands).
I am sorry if this is not the answer you want to hear, but this is the feelings I got from the cards.

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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