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QUESTION: Hi, we were dating for 4 years and then got engaged. I moved in with him in his city after the engagement. But some issues came up and he felt that we cant be together and get married so he asked me to leave. I came back to my old city but i cant live without him. He too loves me but says we will not be happy together. I tried to sort out all difference and make him understand that his fears will be taken care of. But he is adamant. Will he come back, will we get married?

ANSWER: both your birth years? his name?

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QUESTION: His name is Rishi. Date of birth-mine-30 april 1979 and his 28 july 1977

Darling Dipti, I'm so sorry to hear of your breakup after being engaged, everything happens for a reason which I'm happy to explore indepth at will Rishi contact again. This is an intense process for me and I cannot provide the answer to you freely. Meanwhile... freely... there's an ambience in this relationship of being abandoned, even betrayed where irreconcilable differences possibly finance related came between both of you. Whatever hit you both seems irreversible, but it was something that was simmering from the very beginning of the relationship really, i.e. one/both of you were aware of it but tried to make it work, so the fact that 4 years passed by is very good Dipti :) currently I'm not feeling that he will come back, but we can explore that in depth later... if you want. If not, I wish you the best, time is a great healer; and when one guy disappears out of your life, another guy WILL step into the picture... so never give up hope in love.  

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