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My dob is 03/13/1987. My husband dob id 17/05/1974. We are married and have 1 daughter is 3 years old. 1 son is 5 months old. I was born at 9.15 am on 03/13/1987, in Ho chi minh city ( saigon ), Vietnam, in south vietnam. 
My husband was born on 17/05/1974 at 9.30 pm, in Hue ( middle of vietnam ) , vietnam
My relation right now is so complicated! I just wonder, will we be get divorce or not in future? And when is it? Will it be bad divorce? And will we return back together. 

My first name is Hang. Im female. I live in utah, usa. My dob 03/13/1987, was born in Ho chi minh city, vietnam. Im about 110 lbs and 5"2. I have short hair. I live in with my husband, my babies and my family in law, total 8 people.
We have been married on May 10, 2009. About 3 years and 6 months And his name is Vu. The first time i met him on august, 04. 2008

And one more question, i want to open a nails salon. Can i open it. And when will it open? 


Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

It looks like you are the more patient party in this relationship because for you I drew Temperance.  You are the one willing to make things work here and really not jumping the gun in being hasty.

He looks to be the more negative one in the relationship.  I am not positive, but is he very materialistic or obsessed with possessions?  Something about his energy is very negative, and this is shown through the Devil card.

For the future I see that it could work between you two if you guide him through your positivity.
The Queen of Wands is shown here to tell you that things can go your way as you would like.  If you want there to be a divorce it will happen, if you want to make it work, it will work out, but you have to be confident and show him that you are willing to make it work.  It's hard to say if you will get a divorce because there is that "free will" quality there.  So, I see you want it to work, so you will have to just be strong and show him that to make it work.

I see here in regards to your nail salon, yes you will open one up, and tarot doesn't predict time but I am feeling it will be next year and the competition is going to be hard to get some business. But all you can do is be persistent at it.

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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