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QUESTION: When will I find true love? Or is this person already in my life? I am female, single, born 1984.

ANSWER: do you have a guy already in mind? if so, provide his first name and birth year.

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QUESTION: Yes. His first name is Ming and he is born in 1981

Terms of service: 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed, as working with energy requires participation of a human being, who is not perfect. I only receive information for your highest good and others involved, not necessarily what you want to hear. But nothing is definite, as your own free will, choices you make, and the nature of life itself can alter the course of your path. Anyone who guarantees 100% accuracy is being less than honest. Anything that can be foreseen can be changed (this is the gift of foresight). As stated in my profile, I do not promise to answer your question in this free brief reply, I will only give you what I receive at this moment.

Free service: It feels like you have confidence in yourself to approach Ming, that it almost feels like you have started to take up hobbies or something that you feel Ming likes in order for him to notice you. Or is it that you're changing the way in which you view life because you're seeing the world through Ming's eyes. There's a feeling that you should be yourself and express your true feelings to him. Love is a risk after all :)

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