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Hi. My name is Shari and my DOB is 8/25/1987. Right now, I have a job and it's ok. I will start applying online after the holidays bcuz right now, jobs are seasonal and I work at dunkin donuts. I don't want to work there bcuz I work overnight shifts and I might have to work overnight everyday because the other night time guy wants only afternoons to work in two months. So will I find something by February? Thanks :)

Shari -

I initially pulled one card and asked it to demonstrate what's going to happen with your job situation in February. The card was the Knight of Wands. This card represents a lot of commotion in the workplace. It could demonstrate people being hired and fired. This coincides with what you say about it being a seasonal job. It says that your place of work may move to a new location. Since you're working at Dunkin' Donuts and they have a lot of locations, I feel the cards are saying that you will switch locations where you have hours that are more favorable for you.

Hope this helps!  

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