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Hi Ellie, i just wanted to update you more with my marriage. My wife is living with a roommate, i know she doesnt like it, she likes to live in her own place. I am also going to be homeless son because my home was for sale and there is a buyer, closing date is right  before new year. Once this house is sold, i dont know where to go, what to do etc. i have a friend i may stay with him for a while even i do not like to live with roommates. i do not want to stay in NM any more because my business also upside down here. My marriage is upside down here. My wife is getting angry with me for stupid reasons and she asked me divorce twice already but she changed her mind next day. I just hate playing games like this because even she doesnt want to get divorce, it is so painful for me to hear it. I do have a hot temper and i feel like to say "you want divorce, you get divorce, just get the hell out of my life, you dont even sleep with me over a year, what the hell i get out of this marriage anyway" but i just keep my mouth shut and dont want to say the last words to end this marriage. She gained a lot from me like green card and citizenship which is bilions of other people`s dream. But she wants my profit from this house sell half of it even i bought the house with my own money, not a penny she has in this house. she told me that last 6 years she was married to me, she never asked anything like gold or diamond so she has right to ask half of the profit which is $12K. I hate to give her any money because as i said she gained a lot already, her USA citizenship is more valuable than any gold and diamond you can imagine. If she was living in her country, she was a poor girl by now working for $500 a month, that is it. I mean, if we are married and living together, i dont care about money and we spend it together but if she wants to leave, i dont think she has right to take any money from me because she already cost me $30K last 5 years including her 4 years university i paid for it.But i did not say to her all these because i want her to come back. She still doesnt want to come back and keep saying that i dont know i dont know what to do. Well, i need to make decisions on my life and i like to move back to FL, buy a villa there for $100K with 2 car garage brand new everything and live mortgage free, start my business there again and make some extra money, get out of this home`s mortgage $1400 here. I asked her if she wants to go with me and find a job in Tampa but she keep saying that i dont know i dont know which i hate those words because my life is middle of everything and even a month later i need to move out of this house, i still dont know where to go, what to do. That is why i sent you a question asking if i move to FL, will she follow me there or keep staying here even she doesnt like here and loves FL beaches. Sometimes i wish i was single, i would move to philippines and live there like a king with my retired army salary or some other country doesnt matter. I can have any girlfriend i want, i can have more than one have fun as much as i can, drink, get drunk and do this over and over instead suffering like this because of a spoiled wife saying that she is unhappy because she is 30 years old now. As you said, she never admits she is quilty and she became very hard headed. My question is, is it okay to live here here in NM and i move to FL myself to start a new life there? My second question, i found many nive vilas with 2 car garage for $100K but one of them is $79K, very nice and here is the link for it. http://www.floridamoves.com/property/details/1109479/MLS-T2542256/10551-Villa-Vi  do you see any problems with this unit or subdivision? Should i offer them $60K and take a gamble? I will be mortgage free but is this the villa i need to put money in?

Thank you and god bless you Ellie. Please pray for us so my wife and i move together soon. Hakan


Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

So it shows here that you will do well if you moved in the villa in Florida but you will be single because I see the Queen of Swords and feel alone, however, that won't stop you from having a good time because I see happy cards like the 3 of Cups showing that there will be an element of a partying atmosphere there.  You will essentially feel like you are starting over and even though you will work hard there as well, I see a new relationship possible there with someone new who will touch you on an emotional level and you will feel more accepted by this woman.  I drew the Knight of Cups for the outcome if you went to Florida and I feel that if you go to Florida by yourself Natalie is going to try to contact you there and she will be overemotional for some reason.  I just know this will happen because I am getting that feeling, but if you go to Florida you will bring much meaning to your life as a person alone.  

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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