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Please tell me when do you see a new love for me? My dob is 18 september 1982. Thank you. Many blessings.

Hello Adrian,

Thank you for your question.  I have drawn 3 cards for you, the 6 of pentacles, the Devil, and the 5 of cups.

The 6 of pentacles indicates that you are financially stable and are willing to share your abundance with others.  The Devil indicates that some sort of fear may be holding you back, keeping you from moving forward.  It is an unfounded fear and you can easily move forward if you choose to do so.  The 5 of cups indicates a lost that you are dwelling on. Perhaps a recent break up that you are not moving on from.  Did you give too much financially in your last relationship.  You need to let go of the past and move forward.  Once you are looking towards the future and not staying in the past, you will have an opportunity to meet someone new.

Hope this helps,

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Welcome! I use Tarot Card reading skills and my intuition to answer questions concerning any area of your life including love, relationships, school/work/career, finances, etc. The cards tell what will happen if you continue on your current path. If that path changes, so can the outcome. I will give you guidance and options, so YOU can make the best choices for your life. I do not answer questions about medical, legal issues or third party questions. When asking a question, please include your gender and birthdate (including the year) as well as anyone else involved. When asking your question, being honest and forthright are important. The more background information you are willing to share, the more beneficial your answer will be. After the reading, please provide comments that will help me better know how I did in answering your question. Please tell me if something I said in the reading resonates with you, something that really "hits home" with you. Keep in mind some of the things you will not know until it "happens." Thank you in advance.


Tarot cards are a wonderful source of advise and guidance. It should be used as a guide for you to make decisions for yourself. The cards tell what will happen if you continue on your current path. If that path changes, so can the outcome. Tarot is my passion. It is my pleasure and honor to read for you.

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