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hi my name is joanna my dob is april 1, 1982 age 30 and my number is 7.

My question is it's been 6 months now since the last guy I was involved with who ended things very abruptly. Since I have met someone else who's a nice guy but I still can't seem to forget about the first guy. Worse part i got a job at a place he used to work at so now I see his name everywhere. Do you see us reuniting or seeing each other again his dob. nov. 4/77?


Yes/No spread

1.   Knight of Cups You were on the same wavelength. You received sudden bursts of attention.
2.   Kings of Cups You met through an activity.
3.   The Emperor Hes older than you and opinionated.  You didnt have immediate chemistry.
4.   Page of Cups All things seem possible
5.   Ten of Cups Your focus is on true love and commitment.

1-2) What happened in the past
3) What is happening now
4-5) What may happen in the future

Based off of this reading Id say that you have a focus on settling down and need to figure out which of the men best represents what you want.  

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