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Hi I was wondering whether I will find the one soon? What could I do to achieve this? My birthday is July 1992

Hi Maria, I want to thank you for entrusting me with doing a three card reading for you at AllExperts.com.

I'd like to take a moment to share my philosophy of reading Tarot with you.  I believe that while this reading can indicate a probable outcome, it can't tell the exact future, for our current actions are constantly re-shaping our fate.  I see the Tarot is a tool for transformation, empowerment, self-awareness and inner growth.  We can use the cards to explore your options and perhaps provide you with some beneficial insight.  I asked the cards "What does Maria need to know about finding a healthy, loving relationship in her life?"

What you want?  Justice shows that you want to be at the center of someone's attention.  You want them their life to revolve around you.  It also shows that you are balanced and centered in your approach to a relationship.  In other words you may want to be the center of someone's world but you are practical enough to realize that is unlikely to be a long-term situation.  At your core, you want to at least be in a relationship where you and your partner balance external and internal priorities - your relationship is as important as work or family obligations.

What you deserve?  Ace of Cups reversed shows that you deserve to be showered with love and affection but before that can happen you have to be able to release your own love and affection on a potential partner.  Sometimes in our search for a relationship we don't realize that we have to be able to give as well as receive.

What you get?  9 of Disks reversed suggests that you may find yourself in a relationship in which you are the center of attention and the focus on things.  The trick is to make sure that doesn't become a trap - that you are so essential to this person's life that the relationship begins to feel a bit smothering and needy.

In summary Maria, you want to be the heroine of your own romance novel and that is wonderful.  In order to find the right hero for your romance, you need to be sure that you maintain your balance.  Allow yourself to take a chance and be willing to give love as well as receive it.  You also need to be careful not to lose yourself within a relationship and risk becoming so enwrapped in each other's life that you no longer have any breathing room.

I hope this reading provided  you with some insight into your question.  Please understand that the Tarot only provides guidance into possible paths to explore to help us in developing to our full potential.  We all control our own destiny and the future is continually changing, not set in stone.

Maria, this has been your free three-card Tarot reading through the AllExperts.com.  Thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity to do this reading for you.  I hope it offered some insight into your situation and in some way answered your question.  If there is any part of this reading that you have questions about, feel free to contact me. All I ask in return for this reading is that you will do me the courtesy of taking a moment to provide feedback about this reading on the AllExperts.com website. This type of information means a lot to me as a Tarot reader - it helps me greatly to improve my skills so that I may help others to the best of my abilities.

Please feel free to visit my website http://www.tarotbroad.com if you would like a longer professional reading.  If you would like to, drop me a note and let me know your feelings about this reading.

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