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QUESTION: I have been with this person for 8 years now. We're both 31 years old although he is about 2 months older than me.  We were married but divorced 2 years later.  We're still living together after the divorce, however, I refuse to remarry him again until he can financially take care of himself.  He's been unemployed 4 years ago and has been staying home and refusing to find a job.  He's happily staying home and depending on me for everything.  I love him but I don't think love is enough.  I can't love someone who is a burden on me and refuses to take care of himself.  I can't be someone's bank account while I'm struggling to make ends meet for both of us.  I'm very unhappy with him.  I told him I wouldn't marry remarry him until he can take care of himself.  However, he doesn't seem to care.  Should I end this relationship for good? Is he going to get a job or depend on me forever like this?

ANSWER: his first name?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: His first name is Andy

Edit after bad rating. To summarize - Yes for heaven's sake end the relationship. MOVE ON. He is using you and will continue to use you. If you think yourself worthless, then continue to abuse you he will. You can easily find another guy who will not use you.

My profile states "I do not promise to answer your question in this brief reply, I will only give you what I receive at that moment"

Receiving - Hmm Jane, this is quite a conflicting situation you've put yourself within. Andy is going to use and abuse your generosity for as long as you allow him to. Sheltering him is not helping you, don't forget to take care of yourself. You can easily find another guy who loves you for you, not for shelter you provide.

You will be able to relate to this metaphor - Mother Bird and Baby Bird are in a nest, the time came for Baby Bird to learn to fly. But Baby Bird is too scared to fly or even learn, preferring to stay in the nest fed by Mother Bird for the rest of its life, it's warm, it's comfortable, outside is too scary. Mother Bird knows Baby Bird can fly, if it was earlier then Mother Bird knows Baby bird wouldn't have survived, but Mother Bird is quite confident Baby Bird can fly and fend for its self right now.

Mother Bird is very wise, and knows that Baby Bird would prefer to stay at home. So with one FIRM NUDGE, Mother Bird pushes the Baby Bird out of the nest, having complete faith that Baby Bird is ready to fly. And Baby Bird does fly!

Given the option of sink or swim, the human instinct is to swim and survive.

Your emotional response to energy vampires Figure out what your response is to someone who sucks you dry, and then empower yourself by being able to stand up for who you are. Yes you do matter Jane :)

$4 Goodbye empowers you to let go of Andy  

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