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Tarot Card Readings/No one repects me in my family


name Marcy dob 11 16 1987.
age 25

Hi, Moriah. i am tired of not being repsected by my mother, and certain fmaily members. i'm tired of people thinking they can mistreat me any kind of way, and my mother has a control issue, and that's why i left the house 4 months ago, because my mother was making me miserable, and sick. i came to visit my mother, and she still has not changed, after i left, and still treats me like a child. she raised her voice at me, and tells me what i should, and should not do, and tell me how i should live my life. i lost brother 8 yrs ago, and my mother thinks, she should still protect me, and keep me safe form the world. mt mother tells me it's wrong of me to be Pagan, and im going to hell, if i dont except jesus as my lord and savor. she's a christian, and so is the rest of my fmaily. i dont like them preaching to me, and trying to convert me. they are close-minded bigots, biased, and hypocritical. i dont want to end up like them. i am very open-minded, and am still learning,a nd growing myself in my path.

I don't see a question here.

If you're able to support yourself on your own, I think it's good that you left an environment that was causing you stress.

I got a lot of grief from my family when I was first discovering myself as Pagan and Wiccan. If you keep your cool, they eventually come around. I think people try to get to you when it's still pretty new for you because they can use guilt and harass you until you give up. The more experiences you have with Paganism that feel like home to you, the easier it will be to ignore and avoid people who are negative about it.

Each person has the right to choose what is right for them. You don't go around telling your family that they are never going to be reincarnated and never going to talk to Goddess, so they don't have the right to tell you that you are going to hell.

Stay positive and firm in your beliefs. Hope this helps!  

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