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Hi, I've been dating Steve for 3 months now.. do you see strong feelings from him and long term relationship?

My dob is 13/10/1984, his dob is 21/01/1976.



Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

Well, it shows for what you are dealing with is Death and that means that you have come across a lot of endings/transformations in your life, but they have been more gradual.  It may sound strange and vague that this is all the reading shows about how you are doing, and does not show anything about how you feel towards Steve.  It just shows that in generals your feelings about things are slowly changing and your life has overall been different than before.

For Steve on the other hand he seems to be going through some changes as well, but they have been more sudden and his life has also changed dramatically, I am not sure if it is in the realm of feelings or not because again the cards are not specifying exactly what these "changes" are.  
It could mean that his feelings have suddenly changed and things he used to like he does not like and people/things he didn't like he now likes.  

Your outcomes show a steady progress.  The Page of Coins is card of knowledge and detail. Pages stand for advice and doing and coins stand for detail and reality or anything involving something tangible.  What this means is you should try to get to know him even better than you know him now.  This will make your relationship better and will lead to long term success.  Anything is possible with your relationship.  By that I mean if you wanted to end it, you could, if you wanted to make it work, you could as well.  So, the Page of Coins appears to tell you to get to know him better and take it slow, don't push him, but this in time will make your bond stronger and your relationship last.

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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