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Hi Ellie, just donated to you, i hope you get it. Me (Hakan) and my wife (Natalie) are seperated about 10 days now. She wanted to move out with her friend. She was talking about divorce but i am so glad that she stopped talking about it. I know you told me before that things will get worse before getting better and i was wondering how worse but is this seperation what you were talking about or? Anyway, i love my wife very much even we are not perfect match and i want to be with her rest of my life and make the best out of it but it is so hard to live without her now. I missed her smell so bad, it is so hard to come home and realize that she is not here any more. I am not sure if she wants to give me a lesson and we will be back together after a few months or this is it, she will never come back! We put our home for sale and after i sell this home, i would like to rent an apartment together with my wife a few months later but do you see that will happen and when? Do you see us coming back together again and living together again? Please pray for us and God Bless you Ellie.


Sorry for the late response.  Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

So my reading says that you love her in a supporting way and you are reliable and you seem stubborn to her.  It shows that you are hurting her and upsetting Natalie by focusing on too many things at once.  She probably feels like you are distracted with too many things.  The way you defend yourself when things go sour in your relationship is getting caught up in fantasies and grand illusions about love and finding better relationships elsewhere even though they never end up getting serious.  

Natalie loves in that objective kind of way where she does not use her feelings but her head instead in how she assesses you as a partner.  I don't think that is a very good way of conducting herself in a relationship for either party involved.  The way she hurts you is she is insensitive and it's what she says to you that hurts you.  She can be too critical and that is her trait most detrimental to the relationship in how she hurts you.  The way she defends herself in the relationship is she tends to just cut herself off and do nothing almost like she is trapped and she just waits until you do something to rescue her out of her state.  

According to the reading, you seem to be the more positive one in the relationship.  You are willing to have an open mind and make things work well.  You are even going through an enlightening time, I know it's hard for you to go what you are going through as well, but you are the better one in the relationship. Natalie doesn't seem like she is willing to adapt very much to changes like you are more.  She has this stubborn streak in her and the reason is she feels she is always right.  She does not want to admit she is wrong, ever.

Ultimately what will happen is your wish will come true and she will come back.  It does now show how she will, just wait for her to come back and you two will work things out and she will even want to get physically close to you as I see there being a physical union between you two happening in the future.  I am positive of the timing but I feel like it will be in less than a month this will happen.  My concern is she has so many mental cards showing up for her, she is imbalanced, she is always concerned about doing the right thing in her head she never listens to her heart.  She needs to learn that.  You have more of a good balance of thought process and you don't seem to be so critical even though you too get easily frustrated and may lose your temper.  But, no, she won't be gone forever, I feel she will come back on her own and you just need to wait and I see some physical satisfaction coming as well.  

I hope this helps.  Cheer up!

God Bless,

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