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Hi Abby,

My name is Antoinette and I'm born on October 9, 1983.  My old friend's name is Espie and she is born on August 2, 1983 and my other old friend's name is Maria and she is born on April 24, 1983.  I have gotten into an argument with Espie over a year ago and haven't spoken to her since then.  Because Maria is brainwashed by Espie she got involved in the fight and took Espie's side.  Does Maria feel guilty for doing that and does she plan on talking to me again?

Thank you.

as this is in the question pool, I'm answering.

Espie feels like a dreamer, and I can understand why you 3 are friends. But when Espie isn't grounded she feels fearful of things, of missing opportunities and her friendships normally mean the world to her, but she is after all human and makes mistakes sometimes.

Maria , is highly sensitive and is a very compassionate friend to have. I can see why you find it hard to trust her, there's something mysterious about her, and as you Antoinette are not confident in yourself, you find Maria wary. But let me assure you, she's not, this is just how she is. Maria tunes into the secret emotions that you are keeping to yourself Antoinette and understands where Espie is coming from. So it feels right to her to stand by Espie, because of the grudges you hold.

Antoinette you struggle with your sense of confidence now, but you're not willing to compromise that. You have a firm personality, and harness both emotions and logic - but I feel you should use your intuition to stop harboring grudges against these two lovely young women, with a lot of effort and forgiveness from your part. You three can form a deep friendship for life. Remember 3 of you are very similar, and this is rare to find. Enough of your petty grudges, put your hearts and souls together and start making a difference in other people's lives - because this is why you 3 met.

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