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As far as travel and adventure, will it ever stop being something I "accidentally" fall into?  Or am I really going to have to live this way (this way being that the high points of my life are epic highs and the low points are fairly tragic) for so long as I live?

Will -
I asked the deck if travel is ever going to be something you stop accidently falling into and the answer was “yes” in the form of The Empress. The Empress is a card for encouraging and nurturing growth and social interaction as well as understanding. It makes sense that you would like to travel and will on your own terms as The Empress also embodies the desire to experience fine things.  Then I asked the deck when this is going to stop happening to you and the answer was the Seven of Pentacles.  In a general sense, the Seven of pentacles means that you have what it takes. Your hard work is going to pay off financially. You'll feel pride and fulfillment. In a work related sense, you feel this will allow you to ask to extend your trips and take vacations.

I asked the deck if you are going to continue to live life “this way” (where the highs are high and the lows are tragic# and the deck said yes in the form of The Emperor.  The greatest strength is the power of your will. #Yes, they said that.) You view obstacles as challenges. The more focused you become the faster your manifestation of your desires.

I wanted to focus on the issue of the highs and the lows in your life so I did a spread that addressed the situation as it exists, how it will evolve in the next four weeks, the affect, and the outcome.   

Situation as it exists:

Seven of cups – Until you pick one of your alternatives and begin working with it, all your dreams are in the air. You need to make a choice and devote much care and consideration to it.

How the situation will evolve in four weeks:

The Fool – You take new risks and begin to shock the people closest to you. You're indifferent to their criticisms. You believe all things are possible.


The Emperor – Again, the greatest strength is the power of your will. As the card appears twice for you, pay special attention. This card also means to be careful not to be obnoxious about your goals as others do not understand them the way that you do.


Three of Pentacles - You will have a chance to prove your skill unexpectedly in your career and you will shine brilliantly. However, you've also reached the end of your educational and developmental phase.

Best of luck!  

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