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QUESTION: Hi Vadella, thank you so much for offering your expertise on this service. Im Sophia born Jan.11 1983, and my boyfriend of almost 2 yrs. is Marcelino born Dec. 25 1979. I have recently had readings with other psychics and am left feeling very confused. Hslf of them are telling me i should stay with him and hes meant for me, and the rest are telling me there is a new man coming. Please tell me what will be the best choice for my life for the long run? I currently have no children and am most concerned whether a future man will want to have children with me, and im certain Marcelino does. Your help is very precious to me. Thank you so much!

ANSWER: Hello Sophia, and thank you for contacting me.

Right now it seems to me as though you've been spending a lot of time thinking about the past in regards to your relationship with Marcelino. When it was new and fresh and how exciting everything was. You kind of want that back but know that won't happen. The reason being is that the longer you stay with a person the more things change.

In your past with him I see confusion and thoughts that you had where you felt he was hiding things from you. You really didn't know what to do about that situation and you never really asked him either. Currently I see you taking time off from the relationship as in a separation. Even if it wasn't a verbal agreement between the two of you, there certainly isn't much going on. You have sought refuge in solitary to think things through. I do see passions sparking back up again between the two of you in the near future so you will be very excited about that one.

If you choose to stay with Marcelino An unexpected spark of passion will occur like I already mentioned and then I see a period of disagreements, not harsh words being thrown or arguments, just a misunderstanding. Then I see him taking full control and being mature, stable and responsible and taking care of you.

If you choose to leave him You will fell stuck for a while, almost like you're hanging there trying to see things from a different perspective and you will feel hopeless. BUT you Will meet someone new that you connect with, almost like a soulmate and in the end that person will want to marry you.

So in all honesty, Sophia.... It seems to go well for you with whichever path you choose.

I hope I have helped you.

I am sorry, Sophia, you felt dissatisfied. It was just because both options looked so great for you and I felt that since you Love Marcelino you would want to take that path if it turned out to head in a good direction. But with your answer it seems you might wonder what else is out there. The only way to go about that is to break up with him and see for yourself, as I have told you there will be another great relationship in store for you. There really is not a right or wrong answer here. You seem to be getting the same answers from various psychics because this is what we see. It is up to YOU to decide on this. :) If I would have pulled negative cards for Marcelino then I could easily tell you to move along. But I didn't. Same goes for the future with another possible man. use your heart when deciding, Hon.

Best to you!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thabk you kindly for your recent response. I never was unhappy at all with your reading,just still a bit confused on what is the best possible choice. Can you please give me any details of the future man you possibly see coming into my life? Also doeshe speak english well? Because Marcelino does not and its amajor stumbling block because english is the only language i speak. Thank you very much and warmest regards.

You're very welcome, I don't like my clients to be unsatisfied. Your rating on me left me feeling that way so I had to get back in touch with you.

The new man does speak English well. He is actually bi-lingual This other man is a very passionate man and also very highly into the arts. I get the sense he travels for business and does very well for himself because he he is extremely knowledgeable in what he does. He deals with trades, I see him buying demolished buildings and recreating them into something better. But he is not alone in this endeavor. He has a partner and people who work under him.

If you need anything else in regards to this specifically, let me know. I guess you couldn't do a follow up prior because I was maxed out out, but I changed that option so that the ones I read for can ask follow ups even if I am not accepting more readings at the time.


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