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Good day Moriah London,

Currently I have a job in a city far from my family and I would like to find a better job nearby. Since I started searching and I wonder if successfully correre early next year.

My name is Miguel and I was born on March 11, 1974 (age 38) in Puebla, Mexico

Number: 4

Thank you.

The overall outlook is that you will gain from professional contacts. I see this through the King of Pentacles. It would be a good idea to network with people you already know to find a job. A man in particular will help you. He is trustworthy and responsible and always concerned with quality. The Hermit signifies that it will benefit you to focus on time management, research, planning and instruction. Make sure to be actively looking for a new job.

Ultimately, you know that your current job doesn’t satisfy you. As indicated through The Tower, it may take some perseverance for you to find a better job. You may not get the first job that you apply for. You’ll feel upset and stuck by these circumstances, but those events guide you to the path you need to be on.

The Eight of Wands indicates that you will travel. Good news will come that puts everything into a different light for you.  

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