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Hi Ellie, ive had various readings done and im getting very mixed responses concerning my love life, and what road to take. I've been in a relationship for almost 2yrs with my boyfriend Marcelino, born Dec.25 1979. Im Sophia born Jan.11 1983. Can you please tell me if this is my love match that God has for me or if someone new is intended? Thank you for your time and consideration.


Thank you for your question, here is your answer:

It shows here that with your attitude being the Emperor you are looking to provide structure and organization to your life and you would like that to also apply to your personal life as well.  The Emperor is about structure and order and it would help if this was true for your relationship life.  You want to know where things are going so you can plan ahead accordingly and also you could be tired of things not going according to what you plan and would like to see your partner being more serious and established in his life so you can both move on and have a life together.

For his attitude I drew the 4 of Wands.  This lets me know that he loves you a lot, but as you know, sometimes that is not enough to make a relationship work.  We need more than just love of course, we need security and stability as well.  On his end, at least how he views things, he seems to really care for you, but it looks like you are wanting some security from him.  

For your outcome I drew the Hermit. This tells me that you two will look to go your separate ways.  I feel that there is someone better out there for you.  The Hermit is a card of withdrawal and looking for truth and answers to deep questions.  With this card as your outcome, I am sorry to say, it looks like you would be happier with someone else.  I see you moving on, even though you don't want to, but you will move on to understand yourself and what you want in a life partner more, and with that understanding you will gain clarity on what you actually want in a partner.  I know this must be disappointing to hear, but the Hermit means looking for the truth even at the cost of your happiness.  This sadness you will go through when you move on will only be temporary.  

I drew one more card as a followup and it was the Sun, which is a good happy card giving you the answer to your question: you will not be confused, but happy and full of clarity and you will gain direction on what to do.  You will meet someone new with whom you will have an exciting life with.  So it looks like you will go through a period of introspection and sadness first before you gain understanding and will find the love you are looking for.  This person who you will meet will leave no question in your mind that he is the right one.

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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