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Hi Ellie, i feel like tarot cards are not on my side and things are happening different than what the cards show. I was hoping that my wife will come back after a month but that didnt happen and she wants us to sign the divorce papers today. I was asking about this villa in Tampa i was interested in and you said okay but the seller changed his mind and it is off the market now. So i dont know why things are happening different than the cards show? I would like to ask you about this new person i met, her name is Aylara and i would like to ask you if you see us getting married or it will not work out for us? Thank you and God bless you.


Honestly I am not sure why this is happening where the cards are not helping you with your situation accurately.  This hardly happens with me at all.  At some point people come up to me or at least tell me what I said was true and it lead to where I said it would.  Some people do say tarot cards are not to predict the future, but to give you a projection of where you are likely headed and nothing is therefore set in stone.  So if I say something is going to happen, that essentially means what the cards saw as a snapshot of the future you were headed in at that moment in time you asked your question, but everybody has their free will and some people just suddenly unexpectedly change their minds.  It looked to me when I read the cards that Natalie would come back but it was her free will to change her mind.  She most likely had it in her mind as well that she would eventually work things out with you, but something just changed her mind.

So, with this reading I got the 10 of Swords indicating where you both are at this time in your lives, showing that you both have lost something and are both dealing with a ending of some kind and the ending was not a good one.  But this ending even though it was sour will lead to a better tomorrow.  She may have dealt with some ending as well which brought unhappiness to her and you both have this energy in your lives.

What is causing you a problem is the fact that you are not really sure yet if you want to get so close with someone because of what you are dealing with now.  The 4 of Cups appearing as your problem card shows me that you are dealing with another problem at the moment so it is not going to go smoothly to focus on another woman as well during this time.  There are some doubts and hesitations and I am not sure if it is on your part or Aylara, but there is that factor there which is causing a problem between you two.

For the next card showing what you have forgotten to respect you got the 5 of Wands.  This means that there are still some unfinished business you have between you and another person in your life and I would say that person is Natalie.

In the what you need to express position I drew the Ace of Cups meaning that you need to show Aylara that you are interested sincerely and be genuine with her.  Show her how you feel.  

What your option is is the World card, and that says to me that you have a lot you can explore and there is so much to life than the problem you are dealing with.  It is hard I know but the World shows me that at this time, you can move on from the problems Natalie has given you and start your life over and have a fresh start.  

Where things will go from here between you and Aylara I got the Queen of Wands and this indicates a sexual attraction.  So I will say that thing will go good between you and Aylara in the beginning where there will be that chemistry, but this reading is also saying you don't have to be with either, you can keep your options open with the World card present.  However, it shows there will be a strong chemistry and you two can have a good start.  The reading does not predict marriage, but shows that you can make the best of things from there on out because of the good chemistry.  I am feeling the potential for marriage is there, but the possibility of marriage won't happen for a while, not until after a year of knowing her.  

Just keep in mind, nothing is set in stone.  People change their minds about things, but as far as the reading is concerned, you and Aylara can hit it off, but just don't rush things.  

I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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