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Marcy Kennedy          Other person asking.
age 25. dob. 11 16 1987.    name Memo.
         age. 24. dob. July 7 1988.

Hi, Moriah. I need your help. I believe this person I was friends with since High School, may love me, and could be my twin flame. I am a Scorpio, he is a Cancer. He told me I was pretty, and he said he would not mind if me and him did it before...I hate to use the word sex here. He said he would not force himself on me. My intution has told me, that he may have feelings for me, but does not know how to tell me how he feels. I have not talked to him for a year now, and I think he hates me. Does he hate me? why is he not talking to me anymore? I think it's because of me being Pagan. He converted to Islam. Can I ask you? have you heard of crossing paths before? me and him would cross paths many times, and I just saw him this year of May. Why do we keep seeing one another.

Marcy -

I asked the cards if he has feelings for you. I pulled one card which is Judgment. This card was unclear as to whether he has feelings for you or not, but it did show that there is a lot of synchronicity going on. This could relate to why you say you keep running into each other. The reason you feel like they could be your twin flame is because you feel like you know them really well as if you've known them before. Most people refer to it as knowing each other in a past-life, but I'm not the most avid cheerleader for knowing someone in a past-life as it often becomes confusing in this life and causes a lot of emotional chaos.

I asked if he has negative feelings toward you and the answer was no. the card for the Ten of Cups.It's a positive card that generally implies happiness.

The reason he's not talking to you anymore is because it hasn't really occurred to him to do so. He's been tackling other life stuff that's pulled him away from situations where you'd interact with each other.

Your being Pagan may have something to do with your issue. It involves a fear of being different for one or both of you and believing that your difference in religion is a boundary.

The fact that he told you he wouldn't mind "doing you" seems kind of indelicate without any other context. That means that there's an apparent sexual attraction. A couple of the cards I pull for you imply sexual attraction and lust. if you were to have sex with him, you'd enjoy it. However, if you were to have a relationship with him, it would likely be highly sexual and after a time, you'd find that there's not much substance in the relationship beyond the sex.

If you have feelings for him and are willing to take the risk, it wouldn't hurt for you to contact him and tell him how you feel.

Hope this helps!  

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