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QUESTION: Will my finances take a turn for the better anytime soon? Is there a career I should be in?  

dob 12/03/1969

ANSWER: Hello Mark, I have taken your question from the pool.

You have had to practice a lot of patience and determination. It has not been easy at all. I do see a swift change in your finances. Your finances will indeed turn for the better so that you can have more stability and comfort. :)

The cards say to me that you have been questioning whether or not you should change what you are currently doing and you've been quite confused. Know that you are doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing. Always keep the communication open and everything will flow freely.

If you need clarification or I can help more, feel free to ask.

Hope I have helped!

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QUESTION: Hello vadella, and thank you for the great news on this.  I just noticed you answered this question and you recently helped me with another reading and were extremely helpful.  One of the reasons I feel stuck with my other situation is because of finances so this brought some relief.  You wouldn't happen to know how this change  in finances will happen would you?

ANSWER: Hello again Mark :)

It actually has to do with you leaving your current life behind. You feel very aggravated and annoyed by this situation. On one hand you need the money to leave and on the other the only way it will get better is when you do leave. You have to really want it and feel it just get up and get out. Are you able to stay with a friend or family member for a month or so? You can keep talking me to me here.


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QUESTION: Yes, your exactly right I do need money to leave.  This is the hold you were referring to she has this hold because financially she thinks I'm screwed if I leave and I'm not so sure she's not correct. I do have another daughter besides the one that isn't mine I would be responsible for her financially.  The only place I can go to and stay is my parents but they live in a small one bedroom apartment so I wouldn't be able to stay there very long and be comfortable but financially with what I make now and having to pay for support if i leave is where I'm stuck and she knows this which is why she thinks she has all thé power. You seem to be implying though that she is thé anchor thats holding me back...i can see that but will i really be ok financially if i leave will opportunities to make good money come?

It shows me you receiving guidance from a man older than you, that will start things moving in the right direction and everything will come to a wonderful conclusion.

let me try to go deeper....

Ok, by taking this step, you need to do this without fear because it is showing me you being offered a new opportunity. A different job. One that will pay more than the one you have now. I see a couple people helping you get this job. One is very stable young guy and the other is a type of dreamer. You will learn a new trade but will learn it quite quickly.

Hope I have helped.


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