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Hi Serena,

Single and born April 23 1986.  I've had mixed feelings of attraction for my coworker who appears to be ignoring me nowadays.  I wish things went back to the way they used to be when we would simply talk with each other.  I don't know when exactly she was born but her name is Ruby and I'm sure she was born the same year as me.  I do know she's an aries.  Should I forget about her and move on or attempt to turn the situation into a positive relationship?

Sean :) as stated on my profile I just need the birth years, I don't know (or care to know) much about the star sign compatibilities, I'm not an astrologer :)

I do feel that Ruby wishes things were different between both of you, for she does love talking to you. She feels that you're a nice person, but she's probably ignoring you now because she doesn't know if you're simply talking to her in a routine format. But :P we can clearly feel that you have something bubbling within you for her; but wondering whether she's going to reciprocate it... all I can really tell you is that you should believe in yourself as you approach her. Loving someone doesn't come with assurity or safety nets, like the movies will have you believe; nor is it a tale of Romeo and Juliet! Just believe in yourself and follow your intuition Sean.

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