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Hi I was wondering if you could tell me when i will meet the one? I am currently single and female

Hi Maria :)

Snake + WOMAN + Whip

My cards are can be straight to the point so only the "when" question will be answered. :)
I'm getting a October/November(2013) time frame for you but I'm also getting that there is or was some sort of betrayal or disappointment in your past that still lingers that can affect your next relationship. For now, focus on healing. :)

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Hello everyone! :) I would like to offer a ONE card oracle card reading on most topic including love, family/pets, job, business, finances, spirituality, past lives etc. All I need from you is your name and the names of the people involved.


I have read for many of my friends and family for 5 years and started reading for other people about 2 years ago.

Please check out my facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TarotWings24 To purchase full readings from me please go to: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TarotWings OR http://tarotwings24.storenvy.com

I have no Educational Credentials in this field however,I studied and worked on perfecting my skills and intuition as a reader independently on my own free time and still learning everyday!

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Friends and family.

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