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Hello Baihu, thank you so much for offering this. My name is Silvia (Female, DOB: April 2nd, '79); I have been trough a very difficult and painful break up 6 months ago. I was wodnering if you could give me some insight about my situation with this man I have recently met, Jose Luis (DOB: Feb 13th, '71). When we met I felt a strong connection, I think it s mutual but not sure where he stands and what he is looking for.
Thank you so much!!!! Take care, S.

On one hand, you ask an impossible question: Tarot can not tell what Jose is thinking or feeling. (like it says in my profile - no predictions) Even if it COULD do that, I WOULDN'T...think of the implications of what you are asking...

How would you feel if a stranger from the Internet read your mind and looked into your heart without your permission, and then turned around and told everything they saw to someone else...especially if that someone else isn't close to you?

On the other hand, I can do this much for you. I will pull one card as a MEDITATION reading. It is up to you to learn more about the card, think about it, meditate on it, and see if and how it applies to your romantic life in general, and also it's up to you to think how to apply that insight to how you feel you should approach Jose specifically.

Your card is THE QUEEN OF WANDS: This card typically means "nurturing". Many times it is a reminder to those in nurturing professions like teachers and nurses to remember to care for themselves. For you, I "hear" BE STRONG ("hear" meaning that the intuition comes as words, not mental images).

The sense I get for this is to be strong, and caring...but not a doormat. Work on your self-esteem, and make very sure you are healed from old hurts before you get into a new relationship. I get the feeling that being needy or dependent could be toxic to any new relationship. Also bringing old baggage...old hurts, habits, expectations from the old relationship could very easily poison this one if you are not strong, healed, fully your true and loving self...able to show you care, but strong enough that you won't allow yourself to be abused or taken advantage of...I don't know if it is Jose or not, but I get a sense that the "right one" for you, whoever he is, will respect that kind of self-confidence and health paired with loving, caring and compassion. You CAN be all of those things at one time.

Don't forget...there is no time limits to love. Hearts heal at their own pace - it might be 6 months, but it might take 6 years...time doesn't have anything to do with it...it is all about life lessons and love which don't exactly follow a calendar.

This is exactly the "daily meditation" reading I give on my website by e-mail for $5. In this holiday season, if you like your reading and find it helpful, in any way at all,  please pay it forward by donating $5 to the charity of your choice.

Good luck and best wishes to you and to Jose both!


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